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Mahapurush Sree Sree Achyuta Saranam                                                 KALKI DEVA NAMASTUTE

                           Prologue (AdyaKathanika) 


                India, the Devbhumi,Aryabhumi has been honoured as the land of saints and sages since  ancient times. The primary feature of saint theory emerged in the integration of various religions, castes and communities in spite of diversity and exchange of ideas among each other is to be regarded as the glorious vision of this nation. The paramount aim of the saints is the welfare of the mass. The saint poets perceive the past and future by their divine practice and transcendental insight. They become careful to rectify the ages when they notice its deterioration or disaster by their divine vision.

      The five Odiya saint poets - Jagannatha Dash, Balrama Dash,Yashobanta dash, Sisu Ananta Dash and Achyutananda  Dash are accepted as ‘The Panchasakhas’  in the galaxy of Indian saint Poets. Each literary work of the ‘Panchasakhas’ centres round Lord Jagannath, the gravitational force of the Odiya race. Due to the unbound grace of Lord Jagannath, ‘Bhabisya Malika’ is the most remarkable creation in the works of the Panchasakha. This Malika depicts a vivid picture of the future society.

     Although Malika emerged in the age of panchasakhas, the predictions  narrated in Malika includes as a prominent part of  almost all religious literature and scriptures. Starting from the Vedas and Vedanta, The ‘Geeta’, ‘Bhagabata’, ‘Mahabharata’ and  ‘Ramayana’ of The Hindu  and texts of other Religion  constitute various forecastings  and predictions. Likewise , Message on the catastrophe and the emergence of Messiah and safeguarding religion is to be noted  in the ‘Bible’ of the Christians and ‘Koran’ of the Muslims too. The ‘Kalki Purana’ , ‘Garuda Purana’ , ‘Bhabisya Purana ‘, ‘Devi Bhagabata’ and ‘Maha Nirban Tantra’ give information on the incarnation of  God as ‘KALKI’ in the iron age i.e Kali yuga. The prediction in the Buddhist ‘Manjusree Kalpa’, ‘Jatakas’, and ‘Hari Bamsa Purana’ of  the Hindu also offers Varieties of cautions to the devotee readers about the future. Several Saint Poets composed Malika in Odisha during the 16th century to 20th century. The Malika literature is Research worthy from the Social, Cultural and historical view point.

   The ‘Malika’ literature is considered as the indispensable part of the creatons of Panchasakhas – ‘the five saint poet’, ‘the five great men’ in their literary practice. Pertinent information about these Panchasakhas is being realised from the life sketch of yasobanta, Ananta, Balram, Jagannatha and Achyuta. They are worshipped as path paver, as the great men perceiving the past, present and future ( Trikal Darshi) ,as the Sakhas/friends of Lord Vishnu in the four ages, incarnating God, doing Leelas with God and dedicating their lives towards the cause of social welfare. The writings of Sisu Ananta prove that these Panchsakhas incarnated on the earth having miraculous power and acted with divine actions. Sisu Ananta tales his disciple Baranga that in Golak Puri once Sree Krishna smiled while unified with Radharani. The entity of Sree Chaitnya took birth from this smile. Radharani also smiled looking at the smile of the Lord and out of this the identity of Jagannatha Dash emerged. After this sequentially from the divine limbs of God-the existence  of Achyutananda was created from the waist, Yasobanta from the mouth,Balrama from the chest and Sisu Ananta from the heart. They performed divine actions with the Lord. Sri Chaitanya precepted them  as disciples.Instead of the practioners in different directions or fields precepted by Sree Chaitanya(Sakha Achyuta nand- Anakhyar Mantra, Sakha Yasobant-Shyama Panchakhyara Mantra,Sakha Jagannath-Sala nama chabis akhyara i.e 24 letters mantra,Sakha Sisu Ananta- Surya Narayan Mantra and Sakha Balram-Tarak Mantra) unity prevailed in their emotion, sacred vision and literary practice. The demise of these Panchasakhas is so miraculous as their emergence is mysterious. They have given information on their previous birth while they were alive.

    The Satya Yuga or the  golden age was the age of meditation .These panchasakhas were five sages in the Satya Yuga.They were Kripajala,Narada,Markanda,Gargaba and Swayambu. The Treta was the age of  altars -The Panchasakhas in this age were Nila, Nala,Hanumana,Jambabana and Susena. Again these Panchasakhas in Dwapar were Sudama- Dama,Gopala,Subala,Subahubraja, and Sreebaschha. The Panchasakhas in the Iron age taking birth as Achyuta,Balrama,Jagannatha,Yasobanta and Sisu Ananta dedicated their lives for safeguarding religion. Mahapurush Balrama Dash is treated as Balmiki of Utkal for his Jagmohan Ramayana and other epics which adored the Odiya religious literature. On the other hand Achyutanada is regarded as Vyasa of Utkal.

   Ahyutananda tells his disciple Rama Dash - Oh , Ram- the number of my epics is unlimited. I have written 36 samhitas,78 Geetas,27 Vamsanucharit,14 Upavamsanu charita,100 Bhabisya Malika and more than one lakh  padyavlis. All these I have written is to bring the iron age human beings to right path. People would read these texts of mine but no one would utilise them conscientiously. All my literary works would seem as showing lamp to the blind. Man in the iron age influenced by the Kali would involve in sinful behaviour by forgetting religion and morality and God would take the incarnation of KALKI and save religion and virtue by killing the sinners. Then Satya Yuga- The golden age will approach. The Malika of Achyutananda reveals behaviour of men in the Iron Age, how they will commit sin in the name of sciene, what kind of natural calamities will take place and killing of the Impious people by KALKI. And the preachings of Achyuta have become absolute reality. Achyuta says:-

“ Seeta Thakurani Asati hoibe

Parvate phutiba kain

Achyuta bachana tile na taliba

Pasanara gara ehi”


i.e .-      Goddess ‘Seeta’ would loose her chastity

Hills will bloom Flowers

     Says of Achyuta would not be Unreal

          since it is like Scars on Stones.


  Achyutananda had a vision of transcendation and mantra. His doctrine is the panacea to persue spiritual path to the so called human society in the cluth of Kali. His preaching  is the real and enlightened path  forming a healthy society. Man would experience the rain of honey if proceeds on this path. Heaven-the blissful abode can be established on the surface of fragile Earth made of Soil and Dust. This is the real concept of Achyutananda.

 Concentrating to the dictions of Malika literature of Achyutananda, basing on the Malika theory and scientific spiritual advises, in this Juncture of Kali this is a small and special strive of ours , so far as the dream of a healthy society by creating spiritual consciousness is concerned. Achyutanada’s literature projects the experience of ages ( Satya,Treta,Dwapar and Kali)-the social and geographical existence of different ages, Ethics and Customs, Behaviour and Tradition and its effect on human race since the beginning of human civilisation. At the transition of the age the occurrence of destruction and super destructions and again a new creation, these very knowledge based on Vedas, Vedanta and puranas (Astadasa purana,Ramayana and other religious literature ) leads the human society to finer realisations of life and to a state of finer living ignoring polluted social conditions in making of a healthy global race is beyond doubts

The story line of this Programme, ‘Kalki Deva Namastute, commences constituting the theory of Creation explained in The Malika and the Vedic and mythological representation of Satya,Treta,Dwapar and Kali. This Serial will be a treasure of unending story on the picturisation of Dasavatar i.e the Ten Incarnations , The Kalki Avatar of Lord Jagannath in Kali, The Social conditions due to the effect of Kali, The decrease in the span of Kali resulting from the injustice, oppressions and humanly sins, The destruction of Kalki Dev with proof through natural calamities and catastrophe towards the end of Kali, the life sketches of the Odiya Panchasakhas, their meditations, exhibition of Miracles and so on.